It Felt Like A Vacation Day

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Ever experience one of those days that feels like you are on vacation even though still at home? Today was one of those days. Today felt like a vacation day. It was a gorgeous Siesta Key Florida day. Beautiful blue sky, sunny, warm breeze and calm waters in the Gulf of Mexico. 

We slept in and my sweetie made breakfast, which included scrambled eggs, salsa, turkey bacon, half a banana, and a Julian Bakery Vanilla Belgian Waffle topped with a bit chocolate syrup and whipped cream. OMG! Delicious! While we ate breakfast we watched a soccer game. 

We decided to dig out the inflatable kayaks, it had been forever since we last used them. They are so easy to inflate and put together. Love them! They glide across the water so nicely. 

Our inflatable kayaks that we decided to use today to explore the sandbar in the Big Pass, Siesta Key, FL. 

Our inflatable kayaks that we decided to use today to explore the sandbar in the Big Pass, Siesta Key, FL. 

We live near the Big Pass which is part of the Gulf of Mexico. There is a sandbar nearby that attracts boaters. We paddled over to it and walked the perimeter of the sandbar. Looking at my Garmin mapping, it looks like we walked in a big circle in the middle of the water. 


The water was refreshingly cool and teal. There were a few boaters with their families and dogs there. After walking around the sandbar, we then kayaked around it.

Upon our return, we had a nice lunch of roast beef sandwich, chips, and Orange Cream Soda. 


After all the walking and kayaking we took a great nap. Between the sun and activity, we were out for about three hours! But felt so good, seeing as we both had a long week. 

Dinner was another roast beef sandwich, chips, and Orange Cream soda.

After that, we took a lovely walk down to the beach and back. It's starting to get a bit muggy, but there was a gentle breeze to help keep things cool. There were lots of stars, but the sky was starting to get a bit cloudy. We are supposed to get some rain tomorrow. Siesta Key Village was busy with visitors. There is a new restaurant in the village that we are excited to check out very soon, Summer House Siesta Key, which is a Steak and Seafood place. We decided to wait until next month when more of the snowbirds have headed back up north. We have heard several good things about the place. 

It was just a great and relaxing day! It was much needed by the both of us. It was a great reminder of how truly blessed we are.